Globalist Depot We offer simple do-it-yourself packages so cost-conscious organizations can save money designing their own websites. Create a site in minutes with no previous experience by choosing from among 15,000 professional templates. Skip the expensive software! Create a visual masterpiece with our simple tools, and design in confidence knowing our expert staff is ready to assist with virtually any phase of the process.

Starter Website
This is the ultimate website package for future Fortune 500 CEO's and quality-conscious entrepreneurs on a budget. Achieve an outstanding web appearance with three feature-rich pages that utilize a simple, cross-browser WYSIWYG interface. Create forms, tables, lists, and more with a simple click of your mouse and design a professional website with no prior HTML experience. The Globalist Starter Website package includes personal templates, a photo album, Yahoo! functionality, and many other distinct features designed to project a distinguished, professional appearance.
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