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This questionnaire will help us determine your website requirements. Not all fields are required, but every additional piece of information you can provide helps us meet your needs more fully. We will schedule a conference with you to expand upon and clarify the needs of your project following your submission of this document.
Your full name *:
E-mail address *:
Organization Name *:
Your Domain Name (if any):
Telephone Number *:
Preferred Method of Contact:
Type of Customization:

Company Overview
Please describe your industry. How does your company fit into that fields? Who are the competitors? Please provide a brief critque of their sites.

Chain of communication
Include contact information and a description of the group who will be working on the project. Who are the decision makers? Would any one else be contracting also? Who's responsible for what? What human resources do you have for various stages of the process?
Please provide a summary of your project? Does it have a mission statement and if so share it with us.
What are the goals of this project? (e.g., branding/identity reinforcement, improved access to information, direct sales, corporate communication, etc.)
What outcome will fulfill this project? How will you measure success?
What is the required timeline of this project?
What is the budget for this project? What are your financial parameters by range and comprehensiveness of services provided? Please explain.
What, if any, work has already been done toward designing/redesigning your new web site.
Is there an existing branding or marketing strategy that your new website needs to re-enforce? How?
Discuss any identity/branding (i.e. logos, other artwork, and fonts) or issues.
Rank the following, in order of importance (1-5 with 1 being high priority):
 A web strategy that fits with our corporate strategy
 A web strategy that fits with our marketing strategy
 Repurposing existing content
 Creating a community of dedicated visitors
 Quality execution (graphics, writing, navigation, etc.)
 Time to market
 Ease of maintenance
 Leading the field by outperforming our competition on the Web
 People bookmark the site because they get so much out of it regularly
 Staying within the budget
 Conveying our expertise of the Web and its appropriate use
Describe your ideal visitor types:
What are your goals for each type of visitor?
What products/services are involved?
What are your goals for these products/services?
Where will content come from? Will it be new, retargeted, or both?
How often will you add new content?
Who will update the content?
What active or interactive requirements do you believe to be necessary? (e.g., download areas, database-driven web pages, commerce, catalog, applications, live chat, etc.)
Who will update these functionalities?
What extraordinary security issues are needed?
Are there other technical issues or limitations?

Research and model
From the Web, find the three to five highest quality sites that relate to your project in the following categories:

  • Branding in a similar situation to yours (new company, new brand, established brand, etc.)
  • Appeal to same target group of customers
  • Whether or not you would build the site if you were in a different industry
  • Colors, look-and-feel, user interface, layout
  • Size of site
  • Size of project
  • Publishing model (frequency, novelty of content, etc.)
  • Attracting new people to the site (newsworthiness, giveaways, impact, etc.)
  • Your competitors' sites
  • Quality of content
  • Quality of graphics
  • Things sites do for people
  • Community, special features, responsiveness, other categories important to your project
  • Overall favorite sites (for whatever reasons)

Please list 3-5 URLs and the reason for your selection:

What is the main objective of your Web project?
Customer Support
Inter-company Communications
Combination of above

Elaborate a bit on your main objective:

Do you currently have a Web site? Yes No
If so, what is your URL?
What would you like your Web site to accomplish for you?
Is your market:
Describe your target audience:
Will the site contents be:

What number of pages do you envision the site to have?

Do you have the graphics that will be used on the project?

What graphic services will you require from us?
Design logo
Design site graphics
Scan images

What features do you anticipate using on your site?
Contact form
Feedback/survey form
Database access
Online Ordering
Shopping cart
Live chat/support
How soon must the project be online?

What is the budget for the project?


Will your site administration/maintenance be:
In house

What is the expected frequency of updates?

Do you want your own domain?

Do you need assistance in choosing an Internet Service Provider for Web hosting?

Do you have any questions not on the list?
Are there any additional comments concerning the questions or your answers?


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